Build Pipelines Declaratively


In addition to the code-centric approach, DataPipeline allows you to configure pipelines and components in XML and JSON. You can start with configuration or build your components in code and export them to JSON or XML. This allows you to store your configurations in a database or file where they can be changed anytime without redeploying your app.


Schema Validation

Schemas are a declarative way to validate and automatically convert data in your apps. They include simple rules like length and type checks, as well as more complicated expression-based rules.

Data Mapping

Data mapping is a quick way to transform data from source to target using expressions and functions.

Decision Tables

Decision tables can be used to decouple business/decision logic from application code and make them accessible to non-technical users.

Decision Trees

Decision trees allow you to express complicated logic as simple flow charts.


Pipelines are a new way to create your DataPipeline jobs. Instead of working directly with readers and writers, pipelines allow you to create jobs declaratively by defining inputs, outputs, actions, and datasets.

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