Update Jira Issue

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

This example shows you how to update a Jira issue using DataPipeline.

Java Code Listing

package com.northconcepts.datapipeline.examples.jira;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertNotNull;

import com.northconcepts.datapipeline.core.Record;
import com.northconcepts.datapipeline.jira.JiraIssue;
import com.northconcepts.datapipeline.jira.client.JiraService;

public class UpdateJiraIssue {

    private static final String JIRA_DOMAIN = "JIRA_DOMAIN";
    private static final String JIRA_USERNAME = "USERNAME";
    private static final String JIRA_API_KEY = "API_KEY";
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        JiraService service = new JiraService(JIRA_DOMAIN, JIRA_USERNAME, JIRA_API_KEY);
        String key = createJiraIssueAndGetIssueKey(service);
        JiraIssue jiraIssue = new JiraIssue()
                .setSummary("Updated Summary - Create A Jira Issue")
                .setDescription("Updated Description - This is a story to understand how to create jira issue.");
        service.updateIssue(key, jiraIssue);

    private static String createJiraIssueAndGetIssueKey(JiraService service) {
        JiraIssue jiraIssue = new JiraIssue()
            .setSummary("Create A Jira Issue")
            .setDescription("This is a story to understand how to create jira issue.")


        Record response = service.createIssue(jiraIssue);
        assertNotNull(response.getFieldValueAsString("id", null));
        String key = response.getFieldValueAsString("key", null);
        return key;

Code Walkthrough

  1. JIRA_DOMAIN is your Jira domain e.g https://company.atlassian.net.
  2. JIRA_USERNAME is your Jira username.
  3. JIRA_API_KEY is your Jira token which you can easily create in https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens.
  4. Create JiraService using above properties.
  5. Create JiraService.createIssue(JiraIssue jiraIssue) method is used to create issue in jira.
  6. Response is a record which has two parameters: id and key
  7. Update a Jira issue using the above key or issueId using JiraService.updateIssue(String issueIdOrKey, JiraIssue jiraIssue) method.
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