DataPipeline Foundations


DataPipeline Foundations is an add-on library to the core DataPipeline engine. It provides a set of high-level components that are needed in many data processing and decisioning applications. The components in DataPipeline Foundations can be used on their own or integrated into your existing DataPipeline jobs.

DataPipeline Foundations includes the following features:

  1. Data Mapping
  2. Decision Tables
  3. Decision Trees
  4. Declarative Pipelines
  5. Schema Validation
  6. JDBC Metadata

DataPipeline Foundations

Example code are available on the DataPipeline Foundations examples page.

Get Started

DataPipeline Foundations is available from DataPipeline version 6.0 and onwards. You can use it today with the following Maven or Gradle specs.


Add the code below to your pom.xml file.



Add the code below to your build.gradle file.

repositories {
    maven {
        url = ''

dependencies {
    compile  'com.northconcepts:northconcepts-datapipeline-foundations:8.3.0'

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