23 Conferences Data Scientists Should Attend in 2018 and 2019

20 Conferences Data Scientists Should Attend

Being a data scientist means dedication to continuous learning.  One great way to keep learning, improve your network, and get exposed to different views is to attend conferences.  Here are several conferences for data scientist you should consider attending.

1. Open Data Science Conference



Open Data Science has its main focus on open-source frameworks for large data sets. Examples include R, Python and Julia.

Open Data Science conference aims to advocate the use of open source tools in large companies. On the sidelines, it also aims to raise money for open-source projects and increase awareness about data science.

Topics covered at the conference also include machine learning, neural networks, social networks, graph analysis, text analysis, natural language processing, data visualization, Big data tools and Hadoop-based frameworks.


Location London San Fransisco Boston
Date Sept 19-22, 2018 Oct 31- Nov 3, 2018 April 30 – May 3, 2019
Other Details Price Price Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No No No




2. Predictive Analytics World

predictive analytics world


Predictive Analytics World mainly focuses on the predictive analysis of large data sets.

The conference is suitable for both experts as well as beginners and includes topics such as customer relationship management, financial services, banking, insurance, e-commerce and government healthcare.

Location, date and price are mentioned below.


Location Las Vegas
Date Jun 16-20, 2019
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




3. Strata Data Conference

strata data conference


Strata Data Conference is the joint collaboration of O’Reilly and Cloudera with a focus on introducing new technologies and method for Big data.

Strata Data Conference is widely attended by professionals and data scientists from the field of Big data analysis. Attendees benefit from the experience of these industry professionals and data scientists.


Location New York San Francisco London London
Date Sep 11-13, 2018 Mar 25-28, 2019 Apr 29- May 2, 2019
Other Details Price Price Not Mentioned Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No No No




4. The Data Science Conference

the data science conference


The Data Science Conference is dedicated to business analytic professionals but can also be attended by data scientists, predictive analysts and machine learners.

This conference is suitable for people working in the fields of big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling.

Topics that are covered include promotion of education for data science, and pros/cons of open-source vs proprietary services.


Location Chicago
Date Sept 20-21, 2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




 5. Global Big Data Conference

global big data conference


Global Big Data Conference is for both technical and non-technical audience.

Its main topic of focus is big data utilization. Other topics include Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine learning and Real-time processing.

Training sessions are also conducted for professionals and individuals alike.


Location Santa Clara,USA
Date Aug 28-30, 2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




6. Rework




Rework consists of talks by experts and professionals given on advancements in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Attendees get the chance to have first hand insight from experts on advancements in neural networks and its affects on the society and economy. They also get to interact with experts, industry professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Location London,Uk
Date Sep 20-21, 2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




7. MLConf


The Machine Learning Conference is focused on machine learning and data science.

Instead of discussing tools, the main focus of this conference is on bringing professionals and researchers from industries and universities and giving them a platform to share latest development, research, methodologies and practices.


Location San Francisco,USA
Date Nov 14, 2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




8. Indy Big Data

indy big data

Indy Big Data focuses on innovation in Big data. This conference aims to promote new ideas on Big data. List of topics include new technologies, tools and methods for coping with big data volumes and Internet of Things (IoT).


Location Indianapolis, USA
Date Sep 26,2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




9. Data Conference

data 2019


The Data Conference focuses on bringing together people interested in databases, data warehousing, data managing and data security.


Location Prague, Czech Republic
Date July 26-28, 2019
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




10. Big Data Analytics Tokyo

big data analytics tokyo


Big Data Analytics Tokyo is a meeting place for data science and data analytics related startups with Japanese companies. These companies usually come with the intention of either partnering with these startups or investing in them.


Location Tokyo, Japan
Date Oct 22-26, 2018
Other Details Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No




11. IBM think 2019

ibm think 2019


IBM think is the combination of IBM conferences such as World of Watson, Amplify, Connect, Edge and InterConnect into one mega event. Theses conferences used to cover topics such as artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and security and which will now be covered in IBM think.


Location Las Vegas, USA
Date Feb 12-15, 2019
Other Details Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No




12. TDWI Orlando Conference

tdwi orlando

This is another learning conference by TDWI. Its purpose is to bring together experts in the field of big data and analytics and share latest technology trends and implementation strategies.


Location Orlando, USA
Date Nov 11-16, 2018
Other Details Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No




13. Tableau Conference 2018

tableu conference 2018

Tableau Conference 2017 is a mega data science event for data enthusiasts and professionals alike to learn about new insights in the fields of data science and data analytics. The conference will also include training sessions and attendees can also avail the opportunity to get certified as Tableau expert.


Location New Orleans, USA
Date Oct 22-25,2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream No




14. Terdata Partners Conference


Teradata Partners Conference is another mega event related to data and analytics which is attended by more that 3000 data science professionals with the goal of sharing their knowledge and ideas with each other and to discuss new strategies and implementations on how to use data to drive better business value.


Location Las Vegas, USA
Date Oct 14-18, 2018
Other Details Price
Live Stream Yes




15. Data Disrupt

data disrupt


Data Disrupt key focus is on the financial services more specifically how data analytics influences the financial sector. Topics discussed will include how big data, data sources, new analytic techniques and technologies affect the financial sector. Businesses in the financial sector that will be the main focus of attention will include commercial finance, capital markets consumer finance and investment management and how data analytics affects them.


Location New York, USA
Date June 4-5, 2019
Other Details Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No




16. PyData


PyData provides a platform to users and developers of data analysis tools to come together and discuss, share and brainstorm new ideas and problems related to the data science and data analytics field. This enables them to learn from each other and gain insights into new industry practices and latest technologies and trends.


Location Cordoba, ARG Johannesburg, SA New York City, USA Los Angeles, USA Karlsruhe, Germany Washington DC, USA
Date Sept 29-30, 2018 Oct 11-12, 2018 Oct 17-19, 2018 Oct 21-28, 2018 Oct 24-28, 2018 Nov 16-18, 2018
Other Details Price  Price Price Price Price Price
Live Stream No No No No No No




17. Domino Data Science Pop-Up

domino data science popup

Domino Data Science Pop-Up organizes a number of talks and workshops on data science. Its main focus is on data science applications related to financial and insurance services.

Data Science Pop-Up provides a platform for experts and professionals to come and share their ideas and discuss emerging technologies in the field of data science. Data science professionals can share best practices that are being used in the field, share their ideas, discuss problems, come up with new solutions and network with each other.


Location Austin, USA London, UK New York City, USA Chicago, USA Boston, USA Charlotte, USA
Date Sept 19, 2018 Oct 2, 2018 Oct 16, 2018 Oct 30, 2018 Nov 6, 2018 Nov 13, 2018
Other Details Price Price Price Price Price Price
Live Stream No No No No No No




18. Data Science Salon

datascience salon


Data Science Salon is a conference that brings together professionals, experts, developers and executives from various fields. These fields can range from media and entertainment to finance and health technology. The main topics of focus that are discussed are machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Science Salon affords an opportunity for data science experts and professionals to learn from each other, understand and develop best practices and to come up with new and efficient solutions.


Location Los Angeles, USA New York, USA Miami, USA Austin, USA
Date Sept 13, 2018 Sept 27, 2018 Nov 6-7, 2018 Feb 20, 2019
Other Details $350 (For Individuals)
$125 (For Students)
$450(For Individuals)
$175 (For Students)
$450 (For Individuals)
$225 (For Students)
$225 (For Individuals)
$125 (For Students)
Live Stream No No




19. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit will bring together data and analytics leaders, solution providers and Gartner analysts.

The summit will afford you an opportunity to build on the fundamentals of data management, business intelligence, and analytics; harness innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT; and accelerate the shift toward a data-driven culture to lead the way to better business outcomes.


Location Mexico City, Mexico Frankfurt, Germany Sydney, AUS London, UK Orlando, USA
Date Sept 11-12, 2018 Oct 23-24, 2018 Feb 18-19, 2019 Mar 4-6, 2019 Mar 18-21, 2019
Other Details Price Not Mentioned Price Price Price Price
Live Stream No No No No No



20. DataEngConf


DataEngConf focuses on technical aspects of data science. It aims to remove the gap between data scientists, data engineers and data analysts.

Main focus of the conference will be on topics related to the real world application of data science. Conference will also discuss data pipeline architectures. Among the panel of speakers would be data scientists and engineers from top companies such as Facebook, Lyft, Airbnb and Instacart among others. Attendees will include data scientists and engineers from from a variety of different fields and startups including media, finance and technology.


Location Barcelona New York
Date Sept 25-26, 2018 Nov 8-9, 2018
Other Details Price Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No No



21. IEEE ICDM 2018

ieee icdm 2018

IEEE International Conference For Data Mining has established itself as one of the biggest conferences on data mining with its main focus on latest technologies and the role of big data in businesses.

Attended by professionals and researchers from a diverse field of subjects related with data mining such as statistics, machine learning, pattern recognition, data warehousing and data visualization this conference provides an international platform for presentation of new research and discussion on new technologies related to data mining.

Topics covered include data mining, algorithms, software systems and applications.


Location Singapore
Date Nov 17-20, 2018
Other Details Price Not Mentioned
Live Stream No



22. rstudio::conf


rstudio::conf focuses on data science with respect to R and RStudio.

Three different conferences will be available. One conference will focus on basics of data science with R. The second conference will talk about advance topics and is for advanced users of RStudio. The third conference will discuss real world problems and their solutions.

The conference will also consist of workshops which will deal with various topics related to data science and R.


Location Austin
Date Jan 15-18, 2019
Other Details Price
Live Stream No



23. 2018 Dataworks Summit

dataworks summit

Dataworks Summit will focus on topics such as data science, analytics and artificial intelligence and how companies and startups are using them for delivering products and providing value to the customers.

Summit will feature talks from leading experts in the field of data science and business leaders who will share their insights, real-world use cases and their success stories. The summit will provide opportunity to the attendees to interact with speakers and share their own ideas.

A training session will also be available which will allow attendees to brush up on their skills.


Location Singapore Tokyo, Japan Melbourne, AUS Barcelona, Spain Washington DC, US
Date Oct 11, 2018 Oct 16, 2018 Nov 09, 2018 Mar 18-21, 2019 May 20-28, 2019
Other Details Price Price Not Mentioned Price Price Price
Live Stream No No No No No



Good hunting.

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