Data Pipeline 2.1 Released


We are happy to announce that Data Pipeline 2.1 is now released. We have added a great deal of enhancements below:

  • support for Excel 2003 XLS files
  • support for Excel XLSX (XML format) files
  • added FixedWidthReader.setLastFieldConsumesRemaining(boolean lastFieldConsumesRemaining) functionality
  • added ExcelReader.setUseSheetColumnCount(boolean useSheetColumnCount) functionality
  • added more string utils to BasicFieldTransformer
  • added ConditionalTransformer class
  • added TransformingReader.add(Filter filter, Transformer ... transformer) functionality
  • setField now has type-specific constructors
  • added Eclipse project files
  • added Ant build project
  • bug-fix: whitespace (like tab) can now be used as the field separator in CSVReader
  • bug-fix: handle null variable names in expressions

About The DataPipeline Team

We make Data Pipeline — a lightweight ETL engine for Java. Use it to filter, transform, and aggregate data on-the-fly in your web, mobile, and desktop apps. Learn more about it at

2 thoughts on “Data Pipeline 2.1 Released

  • By Prakash -

    hi, is there a way to for FileTemplate Transformation ? Lets say in the database we have defined a template and the Excel can be read into that template format and can be written into anything ?

    • By Dele Taylor -

      Prakash, are you using the template to create a single output file with all the records or one output file per record?

      Either way you can create your own data writer that uses a template library like FreeMarker to do what you need.

      Let me know if you need more guidance.

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