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24 FinTech Conferences You Should Attend in 2022 and 2023


June 2022

The internet’s globalization has been one of the main drivers of enabling FinTech to grow exponentially. A term that once only referred to banks and financial institutions’ back-office activities nowadays describes a broad assortment of solutions that incorporate E-commerce, intertwining personal and commercial transactions. The rapid technological advances happening in this industry are allowing companies and entrepreneurs to get together to discuss regulations, new advances, and potential investment opportunities.

We’ve gathered this list of fintech conferences you should consider attending in-person or virtually.

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10 Java Data Integration Libraries for 2022

10 Java Data Integration Libraries for 2021

Updated: June 2022

With data being produced from many sources in a variety of formats it’s imperative for businesses to have a sane way to gain useful insight. Data integration is the process of transforming data from one or more sources into a form that can be loaded into a target system or used for analysis and business intelligence.

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