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DataPipeline Foundations Examples

  1. Add a Decision Table to a Pipeline
  2. Add a Decision Tree to a Pipeline
  3. Add Calculated Fields to a Decision Table
  4. Add Calculated Fields to a Decision Tree
  5. Conditionally map Data from Source to Target
  6. Conditionally map DataField from Source to Target
  7. Create Custom Pipeline Action
  8. Create Custom Pipeline Input
  9. Create Custom Pipeline Output
  10. Create a JsonPipelineInput Programmatically
  11. Create a JsonPipelineInput Declaratively from Json
  12. Create a JsonPipelineInput Declaratively From Xml
  13. Create an XmlPipelineInput Programmatically
  14. Create an XmlPipelineInput Declaratively from Json
  15. Create an XmlPipelineInput Declaratively From Xml
  16. Evaluate a Decision Table
  17. Evaluate a Decision Table with Lookup
  18. Evaluate a Decision Tree
  19. Evaluate a Decision Tree with Lookup
  20. Execute an Action in a Decision Table
  21. Execute an Action in a Decision Tree
  22. Filter Columns with All Null Values
  23. Generate Java Beans from a Database
  24. Map Data with Rule Based Validation
  25. Map Data with Schema Based Validation
  26. Map Data from Source to Target
  27. Map Data from Source to Target in a Pipeline
  28. Map Data from Source to Target in a Pipeline with Validation
  29. Capture Data that Failed Data Mapping Validation
  30. Map Data from Source to Target with Lookup
  31. Map Records using Schema
  32. Map Records in Pipeline using Schema
  33. Declaratively Map Data
  34. Declaratively Map XML Files
  35. Declaratively Map Data Using Positions
  36. Declaratively Map Data with Source and Target Schema
  37. Declaratively Transform Records using Schema
  38. Declaratively Set Default Values for Missing Data
  39. Read from CSV And Writer to Excel
  40. Save and Load DataMapping to XML
  41. Save and Load DecisionTable to XML
  42. Save and Load DecisionTree to XML
  43. Load Snapshot of Dataset
  44. Save and Restore Pipeline from JSON
  45. Show Column Statistics
  46. Show the Columns and Tables of a Schema
  47. Show Unique Values in Column
  48. Build DataMappingPipeline Programmatically
  49. Build DataMappingPipeline Declaratively from Json
  50. Build DataMappingPipeline Declaratively from Xml
  51. Use an EventBus
  52. Use an EventBus in a Pipeline
  53. Use SchemaFilter to Validate Records in a Pipeline
  54. Validate a Field
  55. Validate a Value
  56. Validate Record Fields
  57. Validate Records using Fields and Rules
  58. Validate Records using Rules
  59. Transform Records using Schema
  60. Set Default Values for Missing Data

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