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How to Export Emails from Gmail to Excel with Data Pipeline

Export emails from Gmail and G Suite to Excel

Have you ever wanted to pull emails into Excel for analysis?  Maybe you need to find the top companies contacting you for your sales team.  Maybe you need to perform text or sentiment analysis on the contents of your messages.  Or maybe you’re creating visualizations to better understand who’s emailing you.  This quick guide will show you how to use Data Pipeline to search and read emails from Gmail or G Suite (formerly Google Apps), process them any way you like, and store them in Excel.

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Export CSV and Excel from Java web apps With Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline is typically used in non-GUI applications to move data from one place and/or format to another. However, Data Pipeline can just as easily be plugged into your web, mobile, and desktop applications. Its small size and Java-centric approach makes it perfect for handling your data conversion and data manipulation use-cases.

This article will demonstrate how to download CSV (comma-separated values) and Excel data from Java web applications using Data Pipeline. It will also show one way to plug Data Pipeline into your JSPs.
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