Transform Examples

  1. Add a Sequence Number Column Transform Calculated Field Assign Field
  2. Add a Sequence Number Column for Repeat Values Transform Calculated Field Assign Field
  3. Add a Sequence Number Column when Values Change Transform Calculated Field Assign Field
  4. Cache Lookup Values Lookup Transform JDBC Cache
  5. Conditionally Transform Data Simple Transform Filter JSON Assign Field
  6. Conditionally Write to Multiple Files Transform Multi-writer Threading
  7. Copy a Field Copy Field Transform
  8. Extract Bigrams, Trigrams, and Ngrams XML Transform Analyze Data
  9. Filter Records Rules Transform Expression Language Filter
  10. Find The Minimum Maximum Average Sum Count Stats Transform CSV Conversion Aggregate STDOUT
  11. Get a Query Param from a URL Transform Assign Field
  12. Handle Filtered Records Transform Fixed Width Filter Calculated Field Assign Field
  13. Handle Transforming Reader Failures Exceptions XML Transform Rename Field Filter
  14. Handle Transforming Writer Failures Exceptions Transform Conversion Fixed Width Filter Calculated Field
  15. How to Convert Tabular Data to Trees Using Aggregation Transform CSV Sort
  16. Lookup Data in a Database Lookup Transform JDBC
  17. Lookup Data in any Data Reader Lookup Transform
  18. Lookup in a Flat File Lookup Transform
  19. Manipulate Fields Transform Conversion In-Memory
  20. My Proxy Reader Customize Transform
  21. My Proxy Writer Customize Transform
  22. My Transformer Customize Transform
  23. Read an XML File (2) XML Transform Conversion XPath JDBC
  24. Read and Transform Data in Parallel Transform Threading
  25. Remove Duplicates Transform Remove Duplicates (Dedup)
  26. Remove Fields Transform Exclude Fields
  27. Remove/Retain Duplicate Fields Transform Remove Duplicates (Dedup)
  28. Rename Duplicate Fields Transform Rename Field
  29. Rename Fields Containing Spaces and Symbols Transform Rename Field
  30. Rename Fields Quickly in Flat And Tabular Data Version 8.1.0 Fast Transform Rename Field Tabular Data Performance Flat Data
  31. Rename a Field Transform Rename Field
  32. Search Twitter for Tweets Copy Field MS Excel Transform STDOUT Multi-writer Twitter
  33. Select and Arrange Fields Include Fields Transform
  34. Set a Calculated Field Programmatically Transform Calculated Field Assign Field
  35. Set a Calculated Field at Runtime Transform Expression Language Calculated Field Assign Field
  36. Set a Field Transform Assign Field
  37. Sort Records Transform Sort
  38. Specify Lookup Values Programmatically Lookup Transform
  39. Validate Incoming Data Rules Transform Validate Expression Language
  40. Write A Parquet File Containing Spaces And Symbols In Column Names Parquet Transform CSV
  41. Write my own Filter or Validator Customize Transform Validate Filter
  42. Write my own Lookup Customize Lookup Transform
  43. Write my own Transformer Customize Transform

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